A continuous evolution in the world of flexible packaging

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PFM is an industrial group consisting of 12 companies specialised in the flexible packaging sectors: from the handling of incoming products from process lines, to dosage and weighing, through to horizontal and vertical packaging.
The PFM group design and manufacture machines, complete lines, multi-head weighing machines and dosage systems dedicated to the packaging of foodstuff, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. The innovations that PFM has continued to offer the market during these years, are the results of its investments in Research and Development, attained by the daily efforts of numerous technicians and designers, all driven by their enthusiasm for sharing experience and knowledge.
The strength of the PFM group lies in its original technological ideas, in its perseverance in creating new ones and in its absolute determination to be always one step ahead.

A long history in the world of flexible packaging

The PFM Group is a world-class manufacturer which meets all the flexible packaging requirements and satisfies every sector of the food industry including cheese, meat, confectionery, bakery goods, fruit and vegetables as well as non-food industries such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

PFM Group Mission: striving to secure customer satisfaction.

We are organised, effective and competitive, always striving to offer you the best.