A Guarantee of Competence and Reliability for Integrated Packaging Solutions

                                    Ronchi Mario SpA
Via Italia, 43
20060 Gessate (MI)
Phone +39 02 950881
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One Partner, one Solution
Founded in 1966, Ronchi Mario SpA is specialised in the manufacture of packaging lines for liquid products and is nowadays acknowledged as one of the reference suppliers of multinational groups of companies leaders in the personal care, household, pharmaceutical and food industries. The range of machines manufactured by Ronchi can meet the most sophisticated needs of international Customers, thanks to their extraordinary qualities which incorporate full reliability, extreme accuracy at work, highest hygiene and safety for the operators.

A Guarantee of Competence and Reliability for Inte

Ronchi Mario SpA can study and realize integrated solutions, and test the whole line with the Customer before shipment inside the 20.000 sq. mts. modern plant.
Ronchi Mario SpA are the singlepartner for customized solutions suitable to satisfy any requirements of the packaging industry operators.
A capillary network of sales and technical assistance all over the world ensures prompt and timely service, by providing full support for the RONCHI Customers in every country.


Ronchi’s product line includes:
• Bottle Unscramblers capable to run at very high speed and suitable to handle a large variety of bottle formats;
• Bottle Orientors to match whichever orienting requirement (bottles with handles, out-of-center neck, etc.)
• Puck inserters and Depuckers
• Filling-Capping Monoblocks of the renowned
EXACTA series, suitable to fill liquid products into bottles of the most varied shapes and formats, and the consequent closure with caps, spouts, overcaps, spray pumps, dispenser pumps, triggers. etc.